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Hi and welcome to the relm of the JulT ClaN once you enter you will be changed forever...if that is true i dont know why you would but for some odd reason you might be...any way welcome and this is about the age of empires 2 clan on the msn zone and we are a dark ages clan meaning we usually go to dark ages. This website is about the clan and the ranks of it and its rules and so on...i hope you enjoy it...because i know the grafics are not that estounding but on one of my other temporery websites it is way better grafics but it has errors so i can only have 1 page but all my pages are temporery until i make the 1. Like on the movie the Matrix when Neo is the "one" well all my websites are temporery until i make the "one"
Listing Site Updates
We will update our site when when new things come to our attention...but we have 3 other clan websites and one is www.81x.com/jultclan/jult but it has ok graphics it is only it kept having errors.
Welcome To My Home Page
No updates to say here.

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